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Ian Francisco

You have beautifully captured the Feast of Our Lady of Naval with your vibrant images! Brilliant photoessay! I am very happy that you immerse yourself and your photography with the Filipino culture and heritage. You will never ran out of interesting subjects to shoot! The lowering of our lady from the balcony is such a wonderful moment! It's as if She is descending to the people from heaven! The faith and love of the people for Our Lady is great. Your photos are amazing! Thank you for this post.


the sequence of frames works really well, sidney.


Wow, Ivory, must be worth something. And she does a disapearing act :-)


joli graphisme dans les premières images.


you have a great site here. keep it up. and thanks for the comment on my site as well. :D


interesting info. =)

i like the colors too, it's so royal-looking.


Suspense à la vue des premières photos ... où est passée La Naval ?
Bien réalisé !


Interesting info and great series of photos. So rich in tradition.

Ashish Sidapara

Beautiful images and thanks for all the info.


I really like all the photos. I'm not a Christian so I've never actually got involved in any celebrations. Nevertheless, your entries have been immensely valuable and helpful for me to gain an insight into the world of Christianity and the beautiful churches.


Very interesting information and your pictures tell a good story too. Very nice Sidney.


She is quite stunning against the fleur de lis backdrop, wow.


It is huge, isn't it? But it is a lovely statue.

Gérard Méry

Bonne idée cette suite grossissante de La Naval de Manila.

Rach (Heart of Rachel)

She's very beautiful vision.


Grâce à toi, on connait maintenant tout l'histoire de cette sainte patronne. Excellent reportage!


Its nice to find this blog. You have really good articles on Philippine traditions and heritage. Great pics too!

dong ho

nice series sidney. i like how you captured the image being brought down. images like this has its own story of being miraculous.


You were gone when I did the Sacada Series. I dedicated that to you because I felt sad that you stopped blogging. I corrected the links so if you click on the label and the image, it will take you to the original series.


I feel sad because Quezon City is relatively near Makati and yet I have never visited La Naval. I wish there will be an opportunity to go in the future.

Have you been to Manaoag as well, Sidney? That place is awe-inspiring as well. We had relatives visit there from Marinduque to ask help from our Lady of Manaoag to help cure a relative of cancer.


wonderful shots and such an informative post, thanks for the info very interesting reading

dodong flores

Uy! I should visit this church too. I'd pass by the church to which this saint is being housed but didn't know about La Naval. Nice set of photos. Very informative write up as well...

Photo Cache

I am loving this series too Sidney. Thanks for all the info. Also, where is this church? Did I miss reading it? You captured a tradition so perfectly.


Lovely atmosphere and lighting in the snaps. Love how the orange at the background enhances the idol colors.

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